How to Add SSL to your domain

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a crucial security protocol that encrypts data transmitted between a user’s web browser and a website’s server. It ensures that sensitive information such as login credentials, payment details, and personal data remain private and protected from unauthorized access or interception by malicious third parties.

By adding SSL to your domain, you not only enhance security but also improve trust and credibility among your website visitors. With browsers increasingly flagging non-HTTPS websites as “Not Secure,” implementing SSL has become essential for any website looking to maintain a secure and trustworthy online presence.

Typically, the server automatically issues a certificate for your domain within 24 hours of its setup. However, if this process doesn’t unfold as expected, please refer to the following steps to add SSL to your domain.

Login to your Plesk Control Panel

Click on Websites & Domains

    Navigate to the list of domain names hosted on your account, then select the specific domain for which you wish to provision the SSL certificate. In this instance, the domain name we’re focusing on is

    Click on SSL/TLS Certificates…

    Click on Install

    Check Secure the wildcard domain (including www and webmail)

    Now click on Get it free button to continue

    The server will create a DNS record necessary to validate your domain and finally issue the certificate. Wait about 5 seconds and Click on Continue button

    That’s it! you have successfully installed SSL certificate for your domain. If for whatever reason something doesn’t work out quite well we are a ticket or chat away.

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